A word from our clients

  • I have been very pleased with the cleaner provided by the Featherduster team over the last three years who is hard working, flexible and very good at her job. I recommend their services. - Mrs G, Bracknell - June 2020
  • It has been a pleasure dealing with yourselves. - Mrs C, Bracknell - May 2020
  • I am happy to give Donna a glowing reference as she has been wonderful. - Mrs C, Woodley - April 2020
  • I've been a loyal customer for over 5 years, and Michelle has been amazing all of these years - Mrs S, Ascot - March 2020
  • Thank you for finding Rebecca for us, we are very pleased with her work. - Mrs B, Wokingham - March 2020
  • Please let Anna know how pleased we are with the work she does for us. Really thorough and conscientious. Thanks. - Mr M, Wokingham - September 2019
  • The girls have been great and we have built a good relationships with them both. - Mrs R, Warfield - May 2019
  • Just to confirm that Paula’s first visit today went very well from my point of view. Hope she is happy as well! She works quietly and efficiently and is a very pleasant person to have around the house. We had an unexpected visitor shortly after she started work and she coped very discreetly with the situation. Thank you! - Mrs M, Sunningdale - April 2019
  • We are sorted and happy! - Mrs M, Sunningdale - April 2019
  • Donna has been fantastic and we will miss her. - Mr C, Bracknell - April 2019
  • Thank you for your help in the past two years, we are very grateful for both you and Natalia our cleaner. - Mr W, Bracknell - February 2019
  • Anna has been a delightful and hard-working help in our home and I shall be sad to see her go. - Mrs G, Crowthorne - November 2018
  • Hi wanted to tell you that I was really pleased with Esther. If I even need a cover again, I would be delighted if Esther could cover again for Michelle. - Mrs S, Ascot - July 2018
  • Just to let you know, we’re really pleased with Cigdem. Great cleaning, great communication. - Mrs P, Wokingham - July 2018
  • I've been happy with Featherdusters and would recommend them. - Mrs E, Finchampstead - May 2018
  • Our current cleaner Nikki is great and does a fab job every week. - Mrs B, Bracknell - April 2018
  • We were very happy with our first clean! She's done an excellent job. - Mr G, Binfield - April 2018
  • Rose is amazing. - Mr S, Ascot - March 2018
  • Just to say we are absolutely thrilled with Julie, I’ve renamed her Wonder Woman - the amount that she has manage to achieve in 2.5 hours is amazing. I just can’t believe it! - Mrs S, Bracknell - March 2018
  • I just wanted to let you know Carly was a great cleaner and did a good job on our regular cleaning. - Ms O, Crowthorne - March 2018
  • The service has been excellent. - Mr W, Crowthorne - February 2018
  • Thanks for all of your help and service provided over the last year or so! - Mr H, Binfield - January 2018
  • We have very much enjoyed the service, and Rose has been great so thank you. - Mrs T, Bracknell - January 2018
  • Everything is beautifully clean and Vicky is very reliable. - Miss C, Bracknell - November 2017
  • I am very happy with Rose. She is just as nice as you said! - Mrs S, Sunninghill - September 2017
  • We have tried several local cleaning agencies both national and independents. Featherduster cleaners outshine all of them, pardon the pun. Their staff are friendly, work hard and are respectful. I have no qualms in recommending them, you will not be disappointed - Mr P, Bracknell - July 2017
  • Many thanks for the good service - Mr M, Bracknell - July 2017
  • I'm sure we will use you in the future depending on where we end up moving to - Miss B, Bracknell - June 2017
  • Val doing a great job. Thanks. - Mr T, Winkfield - June 2017
  • Their customer service is outstanding - Mr S, Bracknell - June 2017
  • I would just like to say that the service so far has been a tremendous help and all the ladies who have been to help us have been wonderful. Thank you very much for your service up to date. - Miss B, Bracknell - June 2017
  • Julie came yesterday for the first time and did a really good job. She did say, as you did, that it would take her a few weeks to get fully on top of everything but I'm really pleased with what she did yesterday - Mrs S, Warfield - May 2017
  • Very happy with Heidi cleaning! - Mrs W, Woodley - May 2017
  • I have to say that having Denise has been fantastic. She is professional, friendly, trustworthy and always leaves the house looking great. - Mrs M, Bracknell - May 2017
  • I would like to thank you and all the Featherdusters team for the cleaning service you have provided to me over the past couple of years. Please pass on my special thanks to Michelle who has always done an excellent cleaning job for us - Mrs S, Warfield - December 2016
  • I just like to take this opportunity to let you to know that I greatly appreciate your dedicated service for these past few months. Many thanks. - Mr K, Bracknell - November 2016
  • Natalia has done a great job thank you - Mrs S, Wokingham - October 2016
  • Amy has done a great job, thank you - Miss B, Bracknell - October 2016
  • Just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for finding us Carol. We thought when she came round and talked about cleaning bits with toothbrushes she'd be the right person. :) However she did her 1st clean yesterday and it was fabulous! Parts of my house have n't looked that clean since they were new. We are both delighted. Many thanks. - Mr & Mrs B, Ascot - August 2016
  • We'd like to say a huge thank you for sending Rose to us. What a difference!!! - Ms R, Sunningdale - July 2016
  • She has been fantastic. - Mrs C, Warfield - June 2016
  • I just want to let you know how amazing Ester is! She is perfect! The house is so clean, and feels brand new every time!!! I just wanted to let you know as it is always good to praise good employees! - Mr J, Bracknell - June 2016
  • Thank you for your services, Jade was outstanding and will be sorely missed. I have recommended your company to a large number of acquaintances and will certainly use your company again should the need arise - Mrs C, Warfield - June 2016
  • Val is doing a GREAT job, thanks. - Mr T, Winkfield - March 2016
  • I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with the spring clean that Lynn and Sam did for me on Friday. They worked so hard and did a great clean of our windows, doors etc. I have always found them reliable and hard working - Ms M, Wokingham - February 2016
  • It was a pleasure to work with you and Marta is fantastic worker, very professional and perfect assistance and punctuality - Mrs S, Warfield - February 2016
  • This is just a quick note to say how pleased my wife and I are with the cleaning done for us by Allison each week. Allison is extremely friendly and gets on well with us both as well as our two young daughters, with whom she engages brilliantly. Her cleaning is very thorough and she obviously cares about her work, as well as caring for our house. We'd be happy to recommend Allison and hope she will continue cleaning for us forever! - Mr I, Bracknell - November 2015
  • We are moving house, but Monika is aware and is happy to carry on cleaning for us which we are delighted with as she is fantastic - Miss H, Barkham
  • I would like to say we have had an excellent service from Michelle - she has been brilliant - Mrs E, Bracknell - October 2015
  • Thank you for helping us out today! The two ladies you sent were wonderful! Incredibly thorough :-) - Mrs K, Bracknell - October 2015
  • They are both lovely and very friendly. Thank you very much for helping us out - Mrs B, Crowthorne - October 2015
  • Christina has been absolutely fantastic; she has always worked around us and has kept our flat spotless. - Mr & Mrs H, Crowthorne
  • Thank you and Nabila for an excellent service and we hope to use you again in the future. - Mr & Mrs P, Wokingham
  • Hi Kim, thanks for the cleaning, we are very pleased with what you did. Have a lovely evening. - Miss P, Wokingham
  • We've been happy clients of Feather Dusters for around a decade now. Why do we stay? Because Feather Dusters people are trustworthy, professional, polite and good at their job!! - Mr & Mrs H, Martins Heron
  • Nicky has always proved reliable, thoughtful, organised and honest. - Mr S, Bracknell
  • I have enjoyed many years excellent service from your company, and would like to commend you on the quality of the cleaning professionals your organisation provides. - Mr S, Wokingham
  • Just wanted to say how impressed we were with Denise and what she achieved last Friday. - Mrs C, Bracknell
  • Thank you for providing a great service - Monika has been brilliant. - Mrs H, Bracknell
  • Please thank the girls for their hard work which has been of a consistently high quality. - Mrs U, Sandhurst
  • Thank you. Angela is a terrific cleaner! - Mrs H, Bracknell
  • All good thank you and Monica is great :-) - Mrs P, Warfield
  • I really appreciate the fact that you understand where the client is coming from. Overall, a great service! - Ms M, Wokingham
  • Lynn and Sam did a great job of cleaning the house yesterday - they all worked non stop when they were here and they were thorough, which I really appreciated - Miss M, Wokingham
  • Nicky has been our cleaner for the past few years and we have always been extremely happy with the service provided. She is reliable, hardworking and always willing to go the extra mile to make sure we are completely satisfied - I would not hesitate to recommend her. - Miss M, Bracknell

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COVID-19 Update


At the start of the 'lockdown' we advised you of the government guidelines with regard to your cleaning and we now have an update on those guidelines

The government is advising all cleaners can return to work from this week. This is dependent on the following social distancing guidelines being followed:

  1. No work should be carried out in a household where people are isolating or where an individual is being shielded.
  2. The cleaners can continue work, providing that they are well and have no symptoms. No work should be carried out by a cleaner who has coronavirus symptoms, however mild, or when someone in their own household has symptoms.
  3. No work should be carried out in a household where any occupants have any symptoms of Coronavirus
  4. Whilst in the house. a cleaner should maintain a safe distance of at least two metres from any household occupant at all times, and ensure good ventilation in the area where they are working, including opening the window.
  5. Upon entering the home, cleaners should wash their hands using soap and water for 20 seconds.
  6. Cleaners should wash their hands regularly, particularly after blowing their nose, sneezing or coughing, and when leaving the property.

The good news with regard to cleaning is that the cleaners can social distance from their clients very easily, and we would advise that, if you are at home when they are there, that you remain in a separate room to your cleaner.

If you are happy to adhere to the government guidelines - and if your cleaner has not been in touch already - then please just call the office on 01344 300416 and we will ensure that your cleaning starts again as soon as possible.

Best regards

Nicky and Jenny