Home Cleaners in Earley

Featherdusters has been supplying cleaners in Woodley and Earley for over 10 years.

Our ‘Featherduster cleaners’ live in, or very near, to Woodley and Earley.. This means you get the same cleaner every week. It also ensures a high standard of cleaning, because the cleaner gets to know how you like your house cleaned.

Our clients in Woodley and Earley come from all over the two villages, including the following streets:

  • Lower Wokingham Road
  • Concorde Way
  • Chaffey Close
  • Yoreham Close
  • Copse Mead
  • Anderson Avenue
  • Colesmansmoor Lane
  • Rothwell Gardens
  • Uppingham Drive
  • Dartington Avenue
  • Chilcombe Way
  • Hartigan Place
  • Allonby Close
  • Phillips Close
  • Kingfisher Drive
  • Fairwater Drive
  • Telford Crescent
  • Wyndham Crescent
  • Silverdale Road
  • Beech Lane
  • Rainworth Close
  • Knossington Close
  • Kerris Way
  • Bridport Close
  • Meadow Road
  • St. Johns Close
  • Instow Road
  • Highgate Road
  • Perth Close
  • Hawkedon Way
  • Witcham Close
  • Welford Road
  • Millbank Crescent

... and many more.

We have been cleaning houses and homes in Woodley and Earley since 2002. They were some of the first areas where we began providing honest cleaners to family homes who were looking for reliable, affordable and friendly cleaners. Since then our reputation for quality cleaners who care about people’s homes has grown and grown. Our clients regularly give positive feedback on the cleaners we provide – take a look here Woodley and Earley. We aren’t resting on our laurels though. Our aim is to provide you with a cleaner that you will think of as your own, who will get to know you and how you like your house to be cleaned, who will become a part of the family. Coupled with the back up of a professional fully staffed office, we think that our service makes us the best cleaning company in Woodley and Earley.

If you are looking for a cleaner in Woodley or Earley, please don’t hesitate to contact Featherdusters. Our Office Manager, Jenny, has lived in the area all her life and knows it like the back of her hand.

Woodley and Earley are ideally placed for commuting into London, and we find that quite a few of our clients are people who simply just don’t have the time to clean their own house. Finding a cleaner in Woodley or Earley can be quite difficult, but Featherdusters have supplying cleaners to clients in Woodley and Earley since 2002. Woodley and Earley fall under the Borough of Wokingham, where we also supply cleaners.

Woodley is famous for it’s production of military aircraft, especially during WWII. Earley is a very old village, mentioned in the Domesday book and evidence of early man has been found in the area. Earley is the location of several international companies, including the UK headquarters of BG group, Microsoft, ING direct and SGI together with offices of Oracle, Computacenter, David LLoyd, Cybersource, JP Executive Recruitment, Open Text, Regus, Websense and Worktube CV – many employees of which employ cleaners from Featherdusters.

We are proud to be a part of the Bracknell community and will do our utmost to make sure you are happy with your cleaner. Remember -

“we're not happy until you are”.

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